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The Difference Is In The Details. Less Truly Is More.

Ultra Compact Setting Tool

  • Designed specifically for composite plugs (4.5” – 7.0”)
  • Yellow Jacket exclusive, ultra compact design, 30" OAL
  • Weighs only 42 lbs
  • Compatibility with Baker #10 and #20 thread connections eliminates the need for multiple sizes of setting tools
  • Ability to set long range plugs, 7.0” of stroke
  • Integrated pressure relied eliminates the need for a bleed off valve
  • Anti-preset shear screw
  • 40,000 lbs of setting force

Wireline Adapter Kit

  • Ball can be run in place, to conserve water, or dropped from the surface
  • Thread design eliminates the need for a safety spring
  • Increased flow area with larger flow slots
  • Fluted wrench surface improves pipe wrench grip
  • Anti-preset shear screw

M1 Frac Plug

  • Shortest top-set full composite frac plug on the market
  • Zero Metal Content with ceramic button slip option
  • Drill out in 7 minutes or less
  • Slip design includes anti-preset feature
  • Nose cone integrated pump down feature increases surface area by 53%
  • Nose cone reverse flow anti-ball seat feature allows flow from below the plug
  • Interlocking and clutching features prevent rotation during set and drill-out
  • Compatible with industry standard and Yellow Jacket exclusive setting tools
  • Patent pending nose cone and slip design

M1 Plug and Play Assembly

  • Overall Assembly Length is equal to approx. 50"
  • Overall Assembly Weight is equal to approx. 48 lbs

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