Ultra Compact Setting Tool

Ultra Compact Design Exclusively for Composite Plugs


M1 Frac Plugs are compatible with industry standard and Yellow Jacket Exclusive Setting Tools.

*Shown with the 3" Ultra Compact Setting Tool

Ultra Compact

First Built-for-Purpose Ultra Compact Setting Tool, designed exclusively to set composite plugs​

Compatible with the 4.5", 5", 5.5", and 6" plugs

Fluted Wrench Surface

Improves pipe wrench grip

Safer and more productive


Shear Screw

30" OAL (Overall Length)

Assembled weight of 42 lbs

40,000 lbs. of Setting Force

7.0" of stroke

Integrated Pressure Relief

Releases pressure downhole

Eliminates the need for a bleed-off valve

Part Numbers & Specifications

Part Numbers
Setting Tool Assembly * ST.UC.287.A
Firing Head Adapter * ST.UC.FHA.10.A
Upper Cylinder * ST.UC.287.UC
Upper Piston * ST.UC.287.UP
Tension Mandrel * ST.UC.287.TM
Shear Sub * ST.UC.287.SS
#20 X-Over * ST.UC.287.20XO
Redress Kit * ST.UC.287.RDK
Max Temperature 350°F - 450°F (176°C - 232°C)
Max Pressure 18500 psi (128MPa)

* Varies based on rating of igniter and o-rings used

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